• Customized chatbots for your business

    Utilize the power of machine learning to bring your chatbots to life

  • Utilize the power of Natural Language

    Our Chatbots listen, learn and react to what your users need and want when they want it

  • Your ultimate online representative

    Chatbots are present 24/7, 365 days/year to guide, assist and support your customers


We build awesome conversations that provide the best customer engagement that is right for your business


We customize your chatbots, taking into consideration your tone of voice and needs for a very personal experience


We use Big Data to analyze the conversations and offer you visual valuable insights on your customers


We are your partners all the way from chatbot creation to chatbot launch, marketing and user on boarding


We will watch over your chatbot, making sure it is continuously trained to answer all your customers questions

Underlying Tech

Natural Language Understanding

Chatbots understand the human language (text or voice) through the NLU engine

Machine Learning

Machine Learning which is an application of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows the chatbot to learn and evolve thus cater to the needs of the users chatting with it

Big Data

Big data analytics are used to provide businesses (our customers) with powerful real time visual analytics about the how the end users are utilizing the chatbot.

Our Stellar Team

Maher Hassanieah

Maher Hassanieah

the philosopher / Strategy
Christophe Zoghbi

Christophe Zoghbi

the bot master / Machine Learning
Hadi Abou Khuzam

Hadi Abou Khuzam

the chief party officer / Marketing
Nathalie Bou Chahine

Nathalie Bou Chahine

the coding princess / Full Stack

Adam 'the first' FIG

the spokesperson


Support/Call centers

Chatbots automate the process of answering users right away. They eliminate wait time and email traffic. They reduce cost of customer support staff / increase customer satisfaction.


Chatbots can be used to resolve claims and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. They can also guide the customer to the right insurance policy.


Chatbots can give you updates on the ongoing dips and rises in the market, inform you about different banking services, monitor your money, help you plan personal budgets and even serve as your personal assistant in short & simple actions


Upgrade your e-commerce shop. Chatbots facilitate shopping by helping users find their desired product quickly.  Users can buy directly from the chatbot adding a physical in-store experience feel to the digital world eliminating endless browsing and unanswered.


Chatbots can be used to handle reservations, answer questions, take orders while in the physical restaurant and settle the bill. They can also help with online orders, tracking and handling payments


Chatbots can book doctors appointments, pay invoices for services as well as store and track all payments and medical files. Also, chatbots can be as used as an instrument for patient education. Such strategy helps healthcare providers build stable and value-rich relations.


Chatbot can help travelers book their trips easily, record requests and answer any concerns quickly and efficiently


Chatbots can be used to deliver news on demand to customers when they need them.

Benefits of Having a Chatbot


Your business will be accessible to your customers 24/7, 365 days/year. Your customers can reach you whenever they want through any medium and get instant replies to their questions.

Virtual Agents

The chatbot will act as your personal agent, answering clients in their language of choice at the time of their choice. A Chatbot will grant you market access where language is a barrier.

Competitive Advantage

Customers will always choose the vendor that requires the least effort to get the product. Adopting a chatbot is a winning strategy! The constant online access will give you privilege especially that latest statistics show that people are shying away from contact through phones.

Marketing & Engagement Beyond Clicks

Conversation and relationship building is significantly more effective than a simple ad or video view as the interaction leaves users with an entertaining experience, a better understanding of the brand, and a positive emotional feeling .

Increase Brand Loyalty

The more personalized the information you give to your clients is, the more they will need you… Adopting a chatbot can provide personalized communication with your clients and thus they become the winning channel of communication.

Understanding Your Clients

Visual big data analytics will give you the luxury of understanding your clients every move, how they react, their purchasing patterns and decision making factors. These behavioral indicators will directly affect the business decisions and trends you follow which are crucial to sustaining continuous growth