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What Are Civil Rights And Why Are They Important To School Nutrition?

Becki Swan August 26, 2021

In this lesson we are talking about civil rights. As a school nutrition professional you may wonder how civil rights apply to you. When a program applies for and accepts federal financial assistance, they are required to submit an assurance statement with their application. This statement says that the program will be operated in compliance with civil rights laws and will implement nondiscrimination regulations. The agreement must state that the entity involved will compile data, maintain records, and submit reports as required to permit effective enforcement of non-discrimination laws, regulations, policies, instructions, and guidelines.

Today we are going to take a deeper dive into the protected classes and discuss some examples of violations and how to avoid them. Please reference the Civil Rights Compliance Review Toolkit and FNS Instruction Number 113-1 for information that will be covered in this training session. You can find these documents on the USDA FNS website as well as downloadable here in the fig app in the materials section of this course.