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Deep down, what motivates you? What aspects of your life are most meaningful to you? What goals drive your behavior? Professor Steven Reiss answered these questions in a unique way – scientifically. He asked thousands of people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds about their intrinsic motives. This research produced the Reiss Motivation Profile®, the first comprehensive, standardized measure of what motivates an individual. Reiss’s theory of motivation has been applied to training leaders and reducing conflict in business, enabling athletes to achieve peak performance through understanding their tendencies under the stress of competition, assessing motivational reasons for academic underachievement, and identifying the value differences that underlie chronic conflicts in relationships.  Join me in understanding the 16 basic principles that drive us all, and gain a better understanding of why people do the things they do.   Apply these principles in your daily life and change everything for yourself!

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Warren DeShields

Chef D's passion for feeding students and serving the community where he grew up has led him to the position of Food Service Director and an award-winning high school track & field coach. Chef D’s twenty plus years in school food service has afforded him the opportunity to serve on local, regional and national boards that sponsor food safety, food systems, and professional development. Warren is also a Reiss Motivation profile Master and certified life coach.

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Becki Swan
Posted 3 days ago
Wow! So inspiring!

Warren does such a great job helping you to understand why you do things the way you do and how it relates to your life and others around you.

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