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Dealing With Your Pesky Person
Coach Matt Upton

Key Area 3000 Administration
Key Topic 3400 Human Resources and Staff Training
Subtopics 3410 Human Resource Management – Conflict Management

1 CEU Credit

Do you have a pesky person on your team? This session will teach three powerful transformational reasons we need to create collaborative partnerships with our pesky person. Attendees will learn how to create 3D relationships with others who see, hear and feel the world differently from themselves. It is through collaborative relationships of people who are different than us that great change occurs.

About Instructor

Matt Upton

Matt Upton is a friend of “LG’s” (Lunch Girls and Guys) everywhere and brings his best serve as their C.E.O. “Chief Encouragement Officer”. He is a professional development trainer and coach for school districts and state school nutrition associations… all his breakout sessions regularly fill to stand rooming only. His transformational coaching to school restaurants and central kitchens help them enhance their serve to students and staff. With his unique ability to connect with people… where they are in their hearts and see where they want and need to go… he assists them in crafting their M.A.P. (Mission Action Plan) to their greater serve. Matt has been collaborating with Directors and their staff since 2002 bringing his transformational coaching and team building in three foundational areas: creating and maintaining customer allegiance, collaborating through connective communication, and capturing the hidden treasure within conflict.

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