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Get Fit With Fig
Coach Amanda O’Dell
8 video series

The most important piece of advice I can give for anyone starting a fitness journey is to try new things. If you’re like me and never played sports or engaged in physical activity for the majority of your life you might not even know what you like! Being active is not just hitting the gym. There are so many ways to create a strong, healthy body.

About Instructor

Amanda O'Dell

Amanda has worked for Decatur Township Child Nutrition department for 9 years.  Currently she is the assistant cafeteria manager at Decatur Middle School. It’s so rewarding getting to experience not only the nutrition aspect of my job, but  building some great relationships with our township’s kiddos over the course of the last 9  years.  When she's not wearing a hairnet she's  wearing gym shoes because she also owns Train Yard 317, a functional fitness gym. They offer many  different aspects of training from everyday fitness, calisthenics, obstacle course racing and  Ninja Warrior Training. In 2019 Amanda submitted an application and was chosen out of tens of  thousands of applicants to run the course on NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior. She had an  amazing experience and was given a feature spot on the show and The Lunch Lady Ninja was  born! Fitness and nutrition are her two passions with an emphasis on fitness for beginners and teaching people how to start their  journey and make it work for them.

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