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Mindfulness and Meditation
Coach Suni Moon
8 Video Series

Feeling overwhelmed with daily stress and worry can affect anyone’s ability to be present. Studies have identified certain meditation techniques that can help promote emotional balance and relaxation.  Join me as in discovering how to incorporate  these techniques in your day to day life.

About Instructor

Suni Moon

Suni Moon is a freelance writer, artist, coach and a meditation teacher, seeing calming as the key to knowing the true self, cultivating deep happiness and satisfaction in life. Suni brings a message of wellness and joy to corporations, schools, conferences and workshops. “In our stressful world, many people are surviving rather than thriving. I teach simple practices to enable people to calm themselves, stay in the moment, find their clarity, creativity and wellness. Calming skills help you change how you respond to stress, improving your health and helping you find your smile.“

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Bill Fold
Posted 9 months ago

I love this lesson! Great tips! Very relaxing!

Ashley Morena
Posted 9 months ago
Wow so calming!

I love Suni's voice and her energy. Last night I feel asleep listening to "The Calming Power of Breath" video.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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